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The online portal offers city tours in Bonn and the surrounding region

The online portal offers city tours in Bonn and the surrounding region. You can therefore look at the various offers in advance and book from the comfort of your home. Whether its a Segway trip, night watchman tour or a traditional city tour: There is a wide selection of city tours.



Hotline: +49 2241 955 82 710




Within 2 or 3 hours these guided tours will take you as far as 20 km and let you experience Bonn in a totally new way.

Groups up to 10 persons, can also be booked individually.

Information and booking:

Andreas Geuss
Pfaffenweg 15a
53227 Bonn
Tel.: +49 228 8864852

Wanderbares Mittelrhein

Wanderbares Mittelrheintal

Take some exercise on the romantic Rhine

Take some exercise, go for a hike or cycle and at the same time enhance your well-being. These components will be combined by the team from Wanderbares Mittelrheintal and promises to be a lot of fun for those taking part. Let the team provide motivation for your chosen exercise and then enjoy the beautiful unspoilt, cultural landscape in the Bonn region.


Informationen and booking:

Wanderbares Mittelrheintal
Mr Michael Altmaier
Mainzerstr. 109
56322 Spay
Tel.: +49 2628 988 808