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Anyone who has ever had a close look at a map, will have noticed that Bonn is situated in the middle of an idyllic green location: on the left side of the Rhine is the city and Kottenforst Nature Park, with the Siebengebirge on the right side of the Rhine, one of the oldest nature conservation areas in Europe.
This tour aims to provide more information about the Siebengebirge, its geological origins and mining exploitation, its beauty and world of legends, its villages and hamlets.



Embedded between the Kottenforst Nature Park and the city on the left side of the Rhine, as well as Ennert and Siebengebirge on the right-hand side, Bonn enjoys an extremely attractive and favourable location. The city lies at the gateway to the Romantic Rhine valley, which starts directly to the south of Bonn. The tour begins in the centre of Bonn and continues to the nearby Siebengebirge, the oldest nature park in Germany, which is shrouded in legend. One stop is Petersberg, the guest house of the Federal Government, with beautiful views over the countryside and the Rhine valley.

Duration: about 3 hours
Prices: 3 hours € 117 (German)
Foreign languages: on request
Meeting point: Bonn Information
Please note: This tour can be booked by groups only on request!



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