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Current Exhibitions

Here you can find some of the current exhibitions in the musems of Bonn and the region.



The exhibition is the first wide work show in Germany since 20 years. This exhibition is realised in cooperation with the Kunstmuseum Bern.


8 September 2017 to 28 January 2018



The exhibition and the accompanying programme of events in Bonn will not only endeavour to shed light on different assumptions of the climate debate through scientific and artistic means, it also sets out to heighten sensitivity and direct attention to the complex and vital system that is our atmosphere.


7 October 2017 to 4 March 2018 

Gurlitt: Status Report

Nazi Art Theft and its Consequences


3 November 2017 to 11 March 2018


10 November 2017 to 28 January 2018

Georg Herold

21 October 2017 to 7 January 2018

Gerhard Richter


About painting - early paintings


June 15th - October 1st 2017

Nadia Kaabi-Linke

26 October 2017 to 28 January 2018



Our blue planet

The living network


Discovering and explaining biodiversity - this is the main emphasis of Museum Koenig. The permanent exhibition offers the visitors a genuine nature experience based on naturalistic ecosystem displays.


permanent exhibition




Our Story. Germany since 1945


The museum presents in an authentic way the history of Germany after the Second World War.


permanent exhibition

please note: due to renovation the permanent exhibition will be closed from march trough autum 2017. This does not concern the temporary exhibitions. 


Loved – Used – hated. The Germans and their cars


March 10th 2017 - January 21st 2018


Deutsches Museum Bonn



Contemporary research and technology


Technical and scientific highlights of contemporary research and technology in Germany after 1945.


permanent exhibition



From the Neanderthal Man to the present age

Time journey through 300.000 years of cultural history in the Rhineland.


Permanent exhibition.


Zisterzienser. Europe of the monasteries

The exhibition focusses on the medieval prime-age of the order. Numerous exhibits have been restored especially for the exhibition and - together with modells, CAD-reconstructions, media and participatpory exhibit - bring back to life the monastery world for all your senses.


June 29th 2017 - January 28th 2018

Dieter Krämer



September 28th - January 21st 2018

Im Meer versunken

Sizilien und die Unterwasserarchäologie


Oktober 12th 2017 - March 11th 2018

Henry Moore. Vision. Creation. Obsession

28 March 2017 to 7 January 2018


Because of its structural extension the August Macke House is closed til autumn 2017.






Calculating then and now


The beginnings of the collection of mechanical calculators that applies to more than 2,000 exhibits as a world leader, date back to the 1970s. At that time mechanics were replaced by electronics; a 300-year development of complex mechanics went to an abrupt end.


permanent exhibition



Max Ernst Museum Brühl

Miró - World of monsters

3 September 2017 to 28 January 2018


Siebengebirgsmuseum Königswinter



Landscape - history - Rhine romanticism


The names which stand for highlights of the landscape experience on the Rhine: Königswinter, Drachenfels and the Siebengebirge. Important works of artistic landscape reception depict the international perception of the Rhine landscape in the last two centuries.


permanent exhibition



Stadtmuseum Bonn

Elemantary and primary Schools in Bonn from the Kaiserzeit to World War II


August 30th - November 12th 2017


August Wilhelm Schlegel


In Coorperation with the romantic museum of Frankfurt

September 2017 - January 2018