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Beethoven Tour | BTHVN Story

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn in 1770 and spent the first 22 years of his life here. The Beethoven Tour invites you to get to know Beethoven at authentic places in Bonn.


The Beethoven Tour is divided into two worlds of experience. With eleven stops, the BTHVN story offers a picture of the young Beethoven in his immediate Bonn environment.


  1. Beethoven-Haus
  2. Remigiuskirche
  3. Wirtshaus Zehrgarten
  4. Remigiusplatz
  5. Kurfürstliche Schlosskapelle
  6. Rheinufer
  7. Breuningsches Haus
  8. Beethoven-Denkmal
  9. Alter Friedhof
  10. Begegnung mit Haydn
  11. Draitschquelle


A further eleven stations take you to places of interest in the BTHVN surroundings and out into nature.


Whether you visit all 22 sites of the Beethoven Tour or choose individual stops only - you will get to know Ludwig van Beethoven at historical places of his life.


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