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Bonn-Information offers tours on Bonn-related themes for tourists throughout the year

The tourist information of the city of Bonn offers a large number of guided tours on many themes related to Bonn:

  • Discover Bonn by foot
  • The big city tour in an open-top bus
  • Over the roofs of Bonn
  • The new Bonn (with visit inside the Post Tower)
  • In the footsteps of the Bonn Republic (with visit inside Villa Hammerschmidt)
  • Path of democracy
  • Workshop of democracy (visit inside the former Plenary Chamber)
  • Bonn tour of the Romantic Rhine (incl. boat trip)
  • Bonn coffee history and stories
  • Advent magic in the City of Bonn
  • Join us for a drink – the history of Bonn's taverns


The tourist information office also provides guides to tour groups with or without their own bus and offers individual guided tours on various topics. Many tours can also be booked in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Polish and Russian.


Informationen and booking via:

Bonn-Information, Dep. BonnTouren
Tel.: +49 228 77 39 21
Fax +49 228 77 39 20