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Bonn Region


February 08th - 13th 2018


Bonn represents one of the Rhine carnival highlights. Almost a full week during February/March you will hear exclamations of Alaaf! and Kamelle! in Bonn. The carnival in Bonn is colourful, fun and diverse!

It all starts On Women's Carnival Day (Weiberfastnacht)! The washerwomen storm the Beuel town hall and the jesters celebrate at parties and in taverns in the centre of Beuel. Women's Carnival Day has its origins in Bonn-Beuel: In 1824 the first women's committee was established in Beuel. It resulted from a women's movement. The washerwomen from Beuel rose up against the patriarchy, the dominance of men and the associated exploitation of women. Therefore the custom of the washerwomen to meet once every year - namely on the Thursday before the carnival - to revolt against their husbands began 190 years ago.

On carnival Sunday the jesters storm Bonn town hall - a colourful spectacle with people in uniform, horses and canons.

The highlight of the carnival is the procession on Carnival Monday, at which approximately 80 floats and thousands of jesters in costume take part. Over 240,000 spectators watch the colourful spectacle and collect lots of sweets.