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Orchard tour with plants and seeds sale

Streuobstwiesentour mit Pflanzen- und Samenbörse

The municipality Wachtberg accomplishes together with the Association for the maintenance and promotion of traditional orchards in Wachtberg, the ADFC Ortsgruppe Wachtberg e.V, the Action Committee for the protection of the landscape in Wachtberg and around e.V. and the Rhein-Voreifel-Touristik e.V. a orchards tour with plants and seeds sale every spring. A proper and professional tour (hike and / or bike ride) along the orchards in Drachenfelser Ländchen is offered. You will find out lots of information about the orchards and their impact on the cultural landscape in Wachtberg. In addition to that, the plant- and seed exchange attracts ambitious hobby gardeners and plant lovers.