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Terrestrial Systems Research: Monitoring, Prediction and High Performance Computing

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Every guest, who books a hotel room via this page, will automatically also receive a free ticket for local public transport. This ticket is valid for the full duration of your stay (day of arrival up to and including day of departure) and is valid on the entire VRS network. You can find more information about the validity of the ticket here.


Please remember to print your hotel confirmation at home before arriving in Bonn. Please also do not forget to print out your public transportation ticket that you will receive upon completion of the hotel reservation.

In case you need further assistance with hotel bookings, e.g. if you need to book more than three rooms, please contact: or +49 (0)2 28/ 910 41 33. We will be delighted to help you along.



If you have general questions about the event, please contact: or have a look on



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Rhenish Friedrich-Wilhelm University

Regina-Pacis-Weg 3

53113 Bonn

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