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The Rhine is high on the list of the world's rivers that are steeped in history. For Bonn, as for many other locations on the Rhine, it symbolises the heart and soul of the city and has done so for many centuries until the present day. Along the left bank of the Rhine the stone witnesses of Bonn's history speak for themselves, whereby the forward-looking aspects of the city should also not be overlooked.
Experience one of the most cycle-friendly towns of North Rhine-Westphalia on a 2 and a half hour guided tour along the Rhine with interesting stops and detours.
Route/Programme: Bonn city centre, Rhine promenade, Federal Quarter, Museum Mile and Rheinaue recreational park. After continuing along the Rhine, a short detour leads through the former embassy and royal residence district of Rüngsdorf, which has recently experienced a remarkable renaissance as a residential and business base for wealthy private individuals and businessmen. The tour ends at the Rhine ferry between Bad Godesberg and Niederdollendorf.


Please note:

This tour can be booked only by groups on request!
Bring your own bikes. If required, we can supply addresses of cycle hire companies. Information on the hiring options is available at the companies. The tour is also suitable for recreational cyclists.
Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours
Group prices: € 68, maximum of 15 people
payment at the meeting point. Please have the right money available.


Booking and information:

Annette Kohlmey
Tour leader
Tel.: +49 228 35 59 00

Cycling with StattReisen

StattReisen e.V. offers theme-based tours to discover Bonn and the surrounding region. The options on offer include following in the footsteps of the Government's move or passing patrician dream palaces. City tours by bicyle and a castle trip are also on the programme.


Booking and information:

StattReisen - Bonn erleben e.V.
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53111 Bonn
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