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Bonn Region

Stadtmuseum, Bonn

The history of the city of Bonn comes to life in the Stadtmuseum Bonn: in the museum founded in 1989/90 in Franziskanerstraße visitors can follow the development of Bonn from the Roman settlement to the present day. The focus of the chronological collection is on the 18th and 19th century and reflects the peaks of Bonn's history: expansion to a major residential city of the Electors of Cologne, the establishment of the first university in Bonn in the 18th century and Bonn's role as the capital city of the Federal Republic of Germany in the 20th century. The house of the academic, poet and publisher Ernst-Moritz-Arndt from 1819 is used as a dependence of the Stadtmuseum. Here special exhibitions are organised together with concerts and readings.