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Natursteig Sieg Hiking Trail

From Windeck to Siegburg

The hiking path runs for 200 km from Siegburg to Windeck through valleys, over woody ridges, along rushing streams and back and forth over the river Sieg: this is what you can expect from Natursteig Sieg. The impressive landscape of the Siegtal and the valleys adjacent to it are an inviting place to hike. Natursteig Sieg initially leads over the Wolsberge to the first Franciscan monastery of Seligenthal and then continues to the Wallfahrtskirche (pilgrimage church) in Bödingen. From there the route snakes to the town of Blankenberg that dates back to the Middle Ages to the Augustine monastery near Merten and then further on to the largest continuous area of woodland in the Bergisches Land - the Nutscheid. It continues to Windeck, with its impressive castle ruins, via a ridge in the Westerwald and ends at the railway station in Au.

The entire route has been designed in such a way that there is a connection to the public transport system at every section of the route. This means that Natursteig Sieg offers anyone who enjoys idyllic landscapes, sleepy villages and historic ruins a very special hiking experience.


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