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The Drachenfels in the Siebengebirge

The Drachenfels - probably the best-known mountain in the region around Cologne and Bonn - carries the castle ruins visible from some distance on its summit and, together with the Drachenfelsplateau, it is one of the most visited recreational destinations in the Rhineland.

Both hikers, who strive to reach the summit through the famous Nachtigallental valley or along the Eselsweg trail, and visitors, who ride up on the Drachenfelsbahn cable car, love the view far down into the Rhine valley and like to stop off at the newly designed restaurant on the Drachenfels. There has been a restaurant on the mountain since 1834 and after various renovations and extensions, there was a redesign of the restaurant and the viewing platform.

Today, the plateau shines in new splendor and the viewing terrace with its seating offers an unobstructed and wide view all the way to the Eifel and/or Cologne. If the weather happens to be poor, visitors can enjoy the view from the glass cube and feel the impact of the Rhine landscape from there.



Restaurant & Eventlocation
Auf dem Drachenfels
53639 Königswinter
Tel.: +49 2223 29699 0

Luftaufnahme Drachenfels
© Michael Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn Drachenfels | Steinfassade mit Rheinblick
© Johannes Höhn, CC-BY-SA Drachenfels
© Michael Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn Drachenfels 2010 06
© Michael Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn Drachenfels | Glaskubus
© T. Schilling Drachenfelsbahn
© T. Schilling Luftaufnahme Drachenburg & Drachenfelsbahn
© Michael Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn Drachenfels | Nibelungenhalle
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