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(special offer for the blind and visually impaired)

The new Rhine senses - a boat trip for the blind and visually impaired - is a product with an experiential character and a focus on inclusion. It addresses a new target group with a new attractive as well as extraordinary and above all barrier-free leisure offer.

Guests are led through the picturesque Rhine landscape by a tour guide on board a ship operated by Bonner Personen Schifffahrt (BPS). The description of the sights on the right and left bank of the Rhine is spiced up with legends and tales to bring pictures and stories to life in the minds of the guests. During a sensory wine tasting, participants will get to know surprising scents that they would not necessarily associate with a wine. For the wine tasting that follows, wines from the region are presented and tasted, where previous smells in the wine can be rediscovered. With Rhine pebbles, trachyte stone from the Drachenfels as well as lava rock from the Rodderberg, guests can feel the unique shape of this special rock, matching the course of the ship's route. Thus, the guests can enjoy a ship tour on board of the BPS with elements for the senses hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling, which can be experienced by them. The tour can be booked from 29.90 euros with two weeks' notice