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Path of Democracy

The Path of Democracy takes you through the Federal Quarter in Bonn and consists of signposted stops at contemporary historical sites that remember 60 years of democracy history and provide information about important places where political events took place in the former government quarter.


The tour begins at the House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany. Twelve stations comprise the shorter circular route, which can be completed on foot in 90 minutes. In addition, other locations, such as the Hofgartenwiese as the site of major demonstrations or the former headquarters of the major parties, lie outside the closer path.


In addition to the 19 large panels, another 45 sites of historical-political significance inside and outside the government district are marked by smaller text panels.


The stations:

  1. Bundeshaus
  2. UN-Campus
  3. Ehemaliger Plenarsaal
  4. Wasserwerk
  5. Langer Eugen
  6. Bürobauten Tulpenfeld/ Bundespressekonferenz
  7. Dahlmannstrasse
  8. Bundeskanzleramt/ Kanzlerbungalow
  9. Palais Schaumburg
  10. Villa Hammerschmidt
  11. Museum Koenig
  12. Gästehaus Petersberg

(journey time to here approx. 2 hours)

  1. Auswärtiges Amt
  2. Bundesrechnungshof
  3. Hofgarten
  4. Altes Rathaus
  5. Erich-Ollenhauer-Haus
  6. Konrad-Adenauer-Haus
  7. Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft
© M.Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn Palais Schaumburg
© M. Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn Plenarsaal
© M. Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn Altes Rathaus
© M. Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn UN-Campus  |  Langer Eugen
© M. Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn Aussenansicht Kanzler Bungalow
© M. Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn Zoologische Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig
© M.Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn