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Pützchens Markt

Fun, action and plenty of thrills at the largest annual fair in Bonn

Every year more than one million people visit Pützchens Markt, which is held on the second weekend in September on the Market Meadows in front of Bonn-Pützchen. Around 550 businesses and fairground amusements covering an area of approximately 80,000 square metres ensure undiluted fun, action and plenty of thrills. There is something for everyone, from steep, dizzying roller coasters to spine-chilling haunted houses. Numerous takeaways, bars and confectionery stalls mean you will not go hungry. The grand finale is an enormous firework display. The annual fair with a rich tradition dates back to 1367 and has mainly been held on the Market Meadows of Pützchen since the start of the 18th century.


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2022: 09. - 13. September 2022