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The Bonn opera, located centrally on the banks of the Rhine near Kennedybrücke, offers a diverse programme of musicals, operas, international dance guests, concerts and theatre festivals. But comedy and cabaret are also part of the repertoire.

In the field of musical theatre, international works are performed ranging from the Baroque to the present day, including operettas and musicals.
The theatre shows works of literature from ancient times, traditional works and modern ones. The theatre places great emphasis on promoting talented young directors, singers as well as actors. As far as dance is concerned, the theatre presents interesting artistic guest works by international companies.

In addition, Bonn has a tradition as a theatre city. This stretches back to the time of the Electors. In 1826 the first theatre was built by some citizens with artistic talent. In 1965 the new building for the current opera was inaugurated on the banks of the Rhine.

As well as the city stages, there are numerous small stages and private theatres in Bonn. The cabaret stages Haus der Springmaus and Pantheon present well-known artists of this genre and also promote the next generation of artists. Junges Theater and Theater Marabu offer programmes specially for children and young people.


The Pantheon has been one of the most famous cabaret and comedy stages in German-speaking countries for over 25 years. Both established stars as well as upcoming talent perform here together with the local greats from the Rhineland. Relaxed dance nights are held at the weekends for night owls.

Many well-known artists started their careers in the Pantheon. In 2012 the Pantheon-Casino was opened right next to its famous namesake; this is a small stage on which the next generation of talent can perform.


An overview of the diversified stage art in Bonn and the region can be found in our event-section: Theatre & Opera Bonn & Region


Long Theatre Night

Every year in spring the long theatre night takes place in Bonn. This is the evening when many interesting artists from Bonn demonstrate the breadth of their talent. The Bonn Theatre is responsible for coordinating the event. The programme includes lots of music, cabaret, dance and theatre highlights.

The theatre night starter ticket is available at BONNTICKET, and is valid for all the programmes, the concert, the party and for the shuttle buses.