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Spring in Bonn and the region – just stunning! There is a reason that Bonn is also known as the most northern city of Italy. As soon as a few warmer sunrays emerge from the pale winter sky, tables and chairs (if necessary with warm blankets) are placed in front of many small cafés in the city centre, the Altstadt and the Südstadt. The Rheinpromenade is bursting with afternoon strollers, joggers and cyclists and even some intrepid pioneers dare a first picnic in one of the numerous green areas of the city. Beyond those everyday experiences there is so much more to discover in Bonn and the region –find out more in our spring tips!



Kirschbluete Bonn

Cherry Blossom


Once again, the cherry trees in Bonn Altstadt will create a sea of pink blossoms. Even without the cherry blossom festival taking place this year, the cherry blossom remains a stunningly beautiful natural eventand is definitely worth a visit.








Rhein In Flammen Bonn

Rhein in Flammen®


Rhein in Flammen- the traditional event in Bonn and the Siebengebirge takes place the first weekend of May. Also this year, there are numerous innovations –be amazed: weather as a guest on one of the ships or on land - for example at one of the municipal events with live music, culinary pleasures and fireworks- magical moments are guaranteed.

Rhine in Flames - the Original

Travel package for Rhine in Flames®









In the beginning of March, numerous fascinating exhibitions are starting in Bonn and the region.

A car exhibition Geliebt. Gebraucht. Gehasst. Die Deutschen und ihre Autos takes part from March 10th 2017 to January 21st 2018 in Haus der Geschichte.

Castles are opening their gates in the Rhein-Voreifel and until the end of March, it is possible to spot the lights high above the Rhine valley from Drachenburg Castle. The crafts-fair "Eitorfer Frühling" in Eitorf offers a large variety of trade, crafts and industry exhibits. Furthermore a car exhibition and an interesting program provide the visitor many options.




Streuobstwiesen Tour ©Rhein-Voreifel Touristik e.V.
© Rhein-Voreifel Touristik e.V.

Active and Outdoor


On March 18th , the large flea market in Bonn Rheinaue will start again. At the meckenheimer/ Blütenfest on the 23rd of April, thousands of fruit trees are turning the landscape into a flowering sea - in summer apples, strawberries, cherries and pears will grow here. Spring continues: on the 30th of April with the "Frühlingserwachen" in the Vorgebirge. Besides a varied route along the most beautiful spots in the Vorgebirge, hikers and cyclists can visit many interesting places: asparagus farms, fruit and art farms will, once again surprise the visitors with little events and culinary pleasures.

"Alfter bewegt" on 1st of May is a display of companies in Alfter that invite to rest, discover, and try out - a mix between cycling, enjoyment and culture.





Bonn Marathon 2015 ©Michael Sondermann, Bonn
© Michael Sondermann, Presseamt der Bundesstadt Bonn

You can say Winter Adé on the hike from Rheinbach to the Rhine. A hike with little culinary delights can be experienced at the "Schlenderweinprobe" on 19th of March. More enjoyment in beautiful hiking environment is possible at the 8th Dernauer Weinfrühling from April 29th to 30th .

Likewise, the bike can be taken out of the shed again – a first ride could be at the "Streuobstwiesentour" on the 23rd of April in Wachtberg. Like every year, spring time offers a variety of running events of different categories : the Bonne Marathon starts this year already at the 2nd of April, followed by the Rheinsteig Erlebnislauf on 8th of April and the erpeler/ Ley Osterlauf on 15th of April.





Natursteig Sieg ©Naturregion Sieg
© Naturregion Sieg

Offers for Families and Children


Around Easter, craft workshops for children are offered once again, for example in the Glasmuseum Rheinbach. With painting Easter bunnies made out of wood or at a sand blast workshop, the basis of this craftsmanship is explained to children. On March 26th , the Verschönerungsverein für das Siebengebirge offers a discovery tour through the Siebengebirge forest: What is going on in the spring forest ? – for children as of 6 years.

Another appealing experience is the photo safari on the wild meadow trai – on the Natursteig Sieg - an exciting discovery tour, not only for the children, but for all ages.