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Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions of the Bonn Regio WelcomeCard after October 1, 2009

  1. For a one-off payment, the Bonn Regio WelcomeCard offers the card holder the
    use of the services listed in the accompanying brochure. Please note the services
    described in the brochure and the opening hours of the individual facilities.
  2. The Bonn Regio WelcomeCard consists of a plastic card (for taking advantage of the attractions) and a separate transport ticket to be additionally validated (for use of the local public transport).*
  3. The separate transportation ticket permits the holder of the Bonn Regio WelcomeCard free journeys, within the respective area of validity, to the Bonn Regio WelcomeCard attractions on all public means of local transportation (second class only on DB German Rail). Available Areas of Validity:
    Bonner Stadtgebiet (area of the city of Bonn)
    Erweiterte Region Bonn (enlarged region of Bonn) **
    Erweitertes VRS Netz (enlarged Rhein-Sieg transportation network)
  4. The Erweitertes VRS Netz includes the airport bus SB 60 between Cologne/Bonn Airport to the main train station in Bonn.
  5. The card is not transferable and is only valid in connection with an official proof
    of identity.
  6. The Bonn Regio WelcomeCard is only valid when fully filled out (plastic card) and together with the stamped separate transportation ticket.
  7. The period of validity of the card begins when date and time are entered on it and the separate transportation ticket is stamped.
  8. In case of improper use of the card, the partners of the Bonn Regio Welcome
    Card are entitled to withdraw the card without replacement. The holder has no
    right for a replacement in case of the loss of the card.
  9. The Tourismus & Congress GmbH Region Bonn/Rhein-Sieg/Ahrweiler (T&C)
    does not give any guarantees, as it simply acts as an agent for the services
    mentioned in the leisure guide. The T&C does not take any liability for the individual

* The Stadtwerke Bonn (SWBV) issue Bonn Regio WelcomeCards in the form of paper tickets which, besides the use of public transport, also include taking advantage of the attractions. For the paper tickets of the SWBV no additional plastic cards are issued. In the case of these paper tickets, for the length of validity the point in time of validation is decisive.

**The Erweiterte Region Bonn includes Bonn, Brühl, Bornheim, Wesseling, Niederkassel,
Troisdorf, St. Augustin, Siegburg, Swisttal, Alfter, Rheinbach, Meckenheim, Wachtberg, Bad
Honnef, Königswinter, Hennef, Grafschaft, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler and Remagen.