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The strong, central business and science location with all its facets is a major motivation to select the region for conferences or as a business travel destination. Proximity to the UN and companies quoted on the DAX stock exchange as well as the large number of small and medium-sized businesses play an important role in this.


With its core competences in telecommunications, information technology, logistics, renewable energy, research & development as well as health and sustainability, the Bonn region offers a wide range of conference topics, which can form the reference content of a conference. Therefore in addition to exchanges of opinions between experts, appropriate social programmes that are in line with the topic can also be offered for the event.

The conference region of Bonn offers event planners and meeting participants an ideal combination with the latest conference infrastructure and authentic experiences of nature. The beautiful landscape of the Bonn region makes it possible for seminar and conference organisers to hold their events in the countryside with evening programmes crammed with dialogue.


Green conference location

Bonn possesses a high level of competence in environmental and development issues. This is determined by the UN Secretariats, which pursue a future-oriented and sustainable approach, as well as the non-governmental organisations located in the Bonn region, of which there are about 150.

The Bonn region has positioned itself as a green conference location. The Sustainable Bonn - sustainable conference location project was established for this purpose in 2006, in which approximately 50 companies in the conference sector have committed themselves to sustainable economic management.