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Politics took centre stage in Bonn for more than four decades. Today the city is Germany's second political centre.
Six Federal Ministries (Health, the Environment, Defence, Development, Food, Education) with their main locations on the Rhine, more than 254 associations and approximately 20 Federal authorities lead to close geographical integration with the existing organisations and institutions in the Bonn region or those that have recently moved there.

The history of the Bonn Republic can be experienced at many authentic locations in the Bonn region. Palais Schaumburg is the Bonn headquarters of the Federal Chancellor and Villa Hammerschmidt has been the official residence of the President of the Federal Republic since 1950, becoming the latter's second official residence in 1994 after Schloss Bellevue. The Federal Chancellor's former residence and reception building can be visited together with the Chancellor's bungalow. The former Plenary Chamber of the German Federal Parliament is regarded as one of the most beautiful parliament buildings in the world. The members of the Federal Parliament met here from 1992 until1999. The Petersberg Guesthouse is now a renowned five-star hotel and features an authentic historical atmosphere in many places. In Bad Honnef Adenauer's home together with the garden have been turned into a museum with interesting insights into Adenauer's private life. Willy Brandt's office has been made accessible to the public in Unkel together with an information centre and Ahrweiler has opened parts of the former government bunker for interested visitors.

Palais Schaumburg
© M. Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn Adenauerhaus
© M.Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn Bundesrat
© Axel Thünker - Haus der Geschichte Aussenansicht Kanzler Bungalow
© M. Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn