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Brewery and Inns Tour

A tour to four Bonn inns

How is beer brewed?
Why is the bar counter always so long?
Who already drank a toast in the Em Höttche restaurant several centuries ago?
Interested guests can find out the answers to these and other questions on the Bonn Brewery and inns tour - where famous citizens of Bonn already drank their beer. An entertaining and informative tour goes to four traditional Bonn inns in the city centre (Em Höttche, Im Stiefel, Bönnsch and Sudhaus), gives interesting insights into the culture of brewing and inns and combines this with the usual information provided on a city tour. The anecdotes on the history of Bonn are explained by the experienced guides on the way from establishment to establishment.
A stop is made at every inn for a beer (or an alcohol-free drink) and to taste specialities from the Rhine such as Rhine tapas (mini-rissoles), Halver Hahn and Himmel un Ääd or Bönnsch-Brot mit Butterschmalz. To finish off, a cosy evening meal is available in one of the inns, but this is not included in the tour programme.
The brewery and inns tour can be booked with a minimum of 8 people and the price of € 30 per person includes the services of the guide plus a drink and finger food.


Youtube-Video Bonn inns tour