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Brewery and Inns Tour

A tour to four Bonn inns

How is beer brewed?
Why is the bar counter always so long?
Who already drank a toast in the Em Höttche restaurant several centuries ago?
Interested guests can find out the answers to these and other questions on the Bonn Brewery and inns tour - where famous citizens of Bonn already drank their beer. An entertaining and informative tour goes to four traditional Bonn inns in the city centre (Em Höttche, Im Stiefel, Bönnsch and Sudhaus), gives interesting insights into the culture of brewing and inns and combines this with the usual information provided on a city tour. The anecdotes on the history of Bonn are explained by the experienced guides on the way from establishment to establishment.
A stop is made at every inn for a beer (or an alcohol-free drink) and to taste specialities from the Rhine such as Rhine tapas (mini-rissoles), Halver Hahn and Himmel un Ääd or Bönnsch-Brot mit Butterschmalz. To finish off, a cosy evening meal is available in one of the inns, but this is not included in the tour programme.
The brewery and inns tour can be booked with a minimum of 8 people and the price of € 30 per person includes the services of the guide plus a drink and finger food.


Youtube-Video Bonn inns tour


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Tourismus & Congress GmbH Bonn / Rhein-Sieg / Ahrweiler

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Heussallee 11

53113 Bonn

Tel.: 0228 / 910 41 19


Night Watchman Tour by Torchlight

The night watchman lights up the streets in Bonn with his torchlight

"Now hear ye and let me tell you… this is what he cries through the alleyways of Bonn. The night watchman goes ahead and lights up the streets with his torchlight for his guests. The night watchman tells stories about the city's history stretching back over 2000 years including wars and the plague, witch hunting and pay agreements for the hangman. You can also smile at the scary anecdotes from the Middle Ages and early modern history...


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van Üüm – Events
Jochen van Üüm
Pariser Str. 27
53117 Bonn
Tel.: +49 177 77 82 625


Siegburg Middle Ages Guided Tour

Siegburg is full of legends and fairy tales

Anyone who would like to experience Siegburg from its historical and fairy tale side, should join the guided city tour on the subject of fairy tales and legends. You will pass places shrouded in legend where fairy tales from the Middle Ages come back to life. They include ghosts in the cellar or horseshoes with golden nails. They are joined by hard-working dwarfs and a dog, who went round the streets of Siegburg at night and aroused fear and horror in the town.

The guided tour is intended for older children, families, school classes as well as adults who are young at heart.


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Tourist Information Siegburg
Europaplatz 3
53721 Siegburg
Tel.: +49 2241 / 96985-33
Fax: +49 2241 / 96985-31


Night Watchman Guided Tour Around Blankenberg

Exciting insights into the history of Blankenberg

An exciting trip into the past awaits visitors on the night watchman guided tour through the small historic town of Blankenberg, situated between Bonn and Hennef in the Rhine-Sieg district.

The guided tour, which is suitable for both adults and children, leads amongst others through the imposing gate, past crooked houses, through the Renteigasse to the Sankt Katharinen Church, to the gate of the monastery built in 1215 and finally to Blankenberg Castle. From there spectacular views open up across the area surrounding the town of Blankenberg. On the way you will come across many illustrious figures from history. The tour ends after almost two hours in the Marktplatz.



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Tourist Information Stadt Hennef

Frankfurter Str. 97

53773 Hennef

Telf.: +49 22 42 194 33


Embassy tours Bad Godesberg

Dip into the world of diplomats

For approximately 50 years most of the diplomatic corps was based in Bad Godesberg. Guided walking tours provide reminders of the time when Bad Godesberg was the city's diplomatic quarter and give an insight into what went on behind the scenes at that time. The tour therefore passes many former embassies, whilst stories and anecdotes bring this period back to life.


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Bad Godesberg
Stadtmarketing e. V.
Ria-Maternus-Platz 1
53173 Bonn - Bad Godesberg
Te.: +49 228 18 42 690

Past Present Promotions

Experience Bonn's history in its historical footsteps

Experience Bonn's history in its historical footsteps and those of its citizens; a city walking tour in historically correct costumes of the time makes this possible.
Depending on the subject, historical figures from Bonn's history are portrayed, telling the story of the special features of the time and the Bonn of that period. Theme-based tours range from the Romans, the Middle Ages to Beethoven and August Macke.

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Past Present Promotions
Dieter Oliver Bongartz, Norman Damaschke & Christian Peitz GbR
Historische Interpretationen
Ölmühlenweg 51
53359 Rheinbach

Tel.: 02226 / 907 86 91