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Old cemetery

The history of the old cemetery

The old cemetery is an oasis at the edge of the city centre. It was constructed in 1715 by the Elector Josef Clemens for the populace, travellers and soldiers. In 1787 it became the city's main cemetery and changed from a cemetery for Bonn's ordinary citizens to the last resting place of many famous people.

In the 19th century it was converted into a park-like area by J.P. Lenné. The graves from the 19th century reflect Bonn's culture and intellectual history. Robert and Clara Schumann, Beethoven's mother as well as famous Bonn professors were buried in the old cemetery. Many graves are decorated with grave paintings by Schinkel, Rauch, Stüler and Cauer.


Bornheimer Straße 1
53111 Bonn


Opening Times
during summertime: 7am - 8pm
during wintertime: 8am - 5pm