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The name that features over the entrance to Bonn's old town is actually misleading. The actual heart of the old town of the City is more around the Minister and in the direction of the Rhine. The historic old town was unfortunately almost completely destroyed in the 2nd World War. This meant that the name shifted to the workers' district to the north of Bonn, which was only 100 years old. The charm of an artisan district with lots of small shops, inns and residential accommodation has been retained in the old town.


In contrast to the shopping streets in the city centre with its imposing buildings, the old town is cosy and beautifully heterogeneous. The mainly cobblestoned area and the special traffic islands enable the traffic to flow past the low-rise houses at a leisurely pace.


Every year in the spring the old town is resplendent in a sea of pink-coloured cherry blossom. It's a beautiful sight, which attracts both professional and amateur photographers.



Frühling Altstadt
© M. Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn Bonner Altstadt
© M. Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn Frühling in der Bonner Altstadt
© M. Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn