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Siebengebirge Nature Park

The Siebengebirge shrouded in legend

The Siebengebirge represents its own natural space with more than forty hills, whose seven most famous ones are the Drachenfels, Petersberg, Wolkenburg, Löwenburg, Nonnenstromberg, Lohrberg and Ölberg. The striking volcanic summits provide the ideal backdrop to a romantic landscape, which has inspired generations of travellers and still does so today. In addition to the beautiful countryside, its history is also compelling: For example the Siebengebirge region was a tropical coastal landscape millions of years ago…

The thickly wooded countryside is dominated by the Drachenfels shrouded in legend, although with its summit at 321 metres it in no way represents the highest peak. However, the romantic castle ruins and Drachenburg Castle make the Drachenfels a worthwhile destination. The Petersberg close by has the Guesthouse of the Federal Government (Gästehaus der Bundesregierung) at the top, which is used not only to accommodate official visitors, but also as an upmarket hotel for discerning travellers. Down on the Rhine, in the Bad Honnef district of Rhöndorf, lies another relict of the history of the Federal Republic: The house where Adenauer lived with its garden. Today the Siebengebirge Nature Park is a popular recreational area and accessible to hikers from many car parks. It is a fascinating experience for active visitors interested in nature, culture and history.


Drachenfelsstraße 51
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Siebengebirge & Schloss Drachenburg
© Dominik Ketz Fotografie Siebengebirge & Königswinter
© Dominik Ketz Fotografie