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Villa Hammerschmidt
© M. Sondermann - Bundesstadt Bonn


The house where he was born has long been Bonn's landmark, his monument dominates the Münsterplatz, a concert hall and an orchestra bear his name. Ludwig van Beethoven is the most famous son of the City, which still feels closely associated with the titan of musical art today.


Capital city era

Small Bonn makes great history. You will gain an insight into the time from the start of the Bonn Republic as an interim arrangement until the Bundestag (Federal Parliament) moved to Berlin. The title of capital city disappeared, but what remains is living German history.


Romantic Rhine

Bonn is the gateway to the Romantic Rhine because probably the most picturesque part of the river starts here. In the 18th century artists and intellectuals brought thousands of people under the spell of the Romantic Rhine with their travel journals and works of art. Many authentic places in and around Bonn still make the attraction of that phenomenon stand out today.


Art and culture

Culture can be experienced in Bonn on every corner: Every year the Museum Mile attracts a large number of people interested in art and culture, but the many other museums in Bonn and the region are also worth visiting.



Don't miss the region's typical events such as the famous Rhine in flames fireworks, the Beethoven festival or the Bonn carnival! The events are easy to combine with other programme building blocks.


Active in the natural environment and the region

Discover unusual places in the region, experience culture or take some exercise! The full glory of nature before the gates of Bonn – characterised by wine-growing dating back many centuries – can be experienced on many hiking and cycle paths. Castles and palaces, extensive fields and fruit orchards feature on the panorama. The landscape is particularly attractive when the fruit trees are in blossom.