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Kunstmuseum Bonn

Kunstmuseum Bonn

The Kunstmuseum Bonn is a museum of contemporary art and located in one of the architectural highlights of Bonn. Heart and identity of the house are formed by approximately 7,500 works comprehensive collection of works by German art after 1945,  its central bundle to August Macke, the art of the Rhenish Expressionists and the extensive inventory of multiples by Joseph Beuys. Once-a-year changing, a dozen exhibitions of the 21st century offer visitors a varied exhibition program.


Kur – Theater Hennef e.V.

Bonner Straße 4E
53773 Hennef


LVR Museum Bonn

The Rheinisches Landesmuseum, that was already founded in 1820, presents various forms of evidence of the Rhine's history, art and culture. After its refurbishment and re-design, the building was re-opened as a subject-based museum.
The permanent exhibition is arranged according to periods and topics. It includes phases from the people of the Old Stone Age and Neanderthal man to the present day. Regular temporary exhibitions offer a unique view of the cultural history of the Rhineland.
The museum provides a comprehensive educational programme for children and school classes.


Martini market

October 25th - 29th 2017


The Martini market of Bad Honnef opens it doors already for the 21st time.

This special fall market athmosphere will tune you into the reflective time.

Many parket spaces and shuttle busses are offered for the guests.


Max Ernst Museum Brühl

Max Ernst Museum Brühl

Max Ernst is a child of the major upheavals of the 20th century. As a painter, sculptor, illustrator and poet he reflects the core of his time. He dives into the unknown. In his pictures, sculptures, diagrams and books he shows the world under its skin and becomes one of the forerunners of Dadaism and Surrealism.

You can see more than 70 of his sculptures in the museum together with his entire graphic output. The heart of the museum is formed by the D-Paintings that are presented in their entirety for the first time; they consist of 36 drawings, which Max Ernst gave his wife Dorothea Tanning as birthday gifts and tokens of love.


Meckenheim Flower Festival

Every spring the environment of Meckenheim transforms into a delightful garden. In this season thousands of fruit trees turn the landscape into a sea of flowers. During the flower festival hikers and cyclists have the opportunity to meet this sea of flowers on a tour of the plantations and learn about the fruit growing on site.


Medieval tour Siegburg

Anyone wanting to experience Siegburg's historical and magical side should join the guided tour about fairy tales and legends. We pass back to legendary locations where tales from the Middle Ages come alive again. They deal with ghosts in the cellar or horseshoe with golden nails. They are joined by industrious dwarves and a city dog that made his rounds through the streets of Siegburg and spread fear and terror in the city every night. The tour is aimed at elder children, students, young people and families.


Morenhovener Cabaret days

Kreativitätsschule Morenhoven e.V.
Tannenstraße 18
53913 Swisttal-Morenhiven
02226  3803


Museum König

Museum König Bonn

The Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig is one of the most important natural history museums in Germany. It focuses on researching and explaining the wide range of species on the Earth. In the permanent exhibition Our blue planet - the living network complex ecological systems are made comprehensible by realistically re-creating major habitats. The exciting journey begins in the African savannah and continues through tropical deserts and the polar ice world back to central Europe. Special exhibitions complete the programme. The Museum played a significant role in the history of the founding of the Federal Republic: The celebratory opening session of the Parlamentarischer Rat (parliamentary council) was held in the atrium on 1 September 1948.


Museum mile festival

Museumsmeilenfest, Foto: Stefan Schmitz

May 31st - July 3rd 2018


Since 1995 the five museums on the Museum Mile have been holding a major festival every summer. The diverse programme offers something for everyone, from art, culture, technology, ecology to open-air events. In addition, short guided tours and exciting interactive activities are on offer free of charge. As well as the museums' comprehensive educational activities for children and young people, there are also interesting workshops for adults. Acrobats, jugglers and live music provide additional entertainment.

This year's festival takes place from June 15 to June 18, on Corpus Christi weekend.