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Night watchman tour Blankenberg

An exciting journey to the past awaits visitors at the night watchman tour through the small, historic town of Blankenberg, located between Bonn and Hennef in the Rhein-Sieg district. The guide, which is available for adults and children, guides you via the stately gate, past crooked houses, through the Renteigasse, past Church Saint Catherine, to the gate of the monastery, built in 1215 and ends up at Castle Blankenberg. From down the castle you will have a spectacular view over the nearby landscape of the Sieg valley. While walking you will meet a few illustrious figures from the history. The tour ends after almost two hours at the marketplace.


Night watchman tour by torchlight

The night watchman lights up the streets in Bonn with his torchlight

"Now hear ye and let me tell you… this is what he cries through the alleyways of Bonn. The night watchman goes ahead and lights up the streets with his torchlight for his guests. The night watchman tells stories about the city's history stretching back over 2000 years including wars and the plague, witch hunting and pay agreements for the hangman.  You can also smile at the scary anecdotes from the Middle Ages and early modern history...


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Orchard tour with plants and seeds sale

Streuobstwiesentour mit Pflanzen- und Samenbörse

The municipality Wachtberg accomplishes together with the Association for the maintenance and promotion of traditional orchards in Wachtberg, the ADFC Ortsgruppe Wachtberg e.V, the Action Committee for the protection of the landscape in Wachtberg and around e.V. and the Rhein-Voreifel-Touristik e.V. a orchards tour with plants and seeds sale every spring. A proper and professional tour (hike and / or bike ride) along the orchards in Drachenfelser Ländchen is offered. You will find out lots of information about the orchards and their impact on the cultural landscape in Wachtberg. In addition to that, the plant- and seed exchange attracts ambitious hobby gardeners and plant lovers.


Panama Open Air Festival

July 13rd 2018

This event started in 2011 as a very small festival next to the hariboschiff and is now, 5 years later, a two days lasting festival with many stages and a huge choice of different bands. The focus is kept on joyful, shared emotions.


Past Present Promotion

Experience the exciting and eventful history of the city Bonn and the people who lived in it, in a different way. All of our city tours will be accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide. For this joins a fictional or historical character of the Bonn history, designed to teach you the specifics of their time.


Pützchens Markt

Pützchens Markt

September 07th - 11th 2018


Every year more than one million people visit Pützchens Markt, which is held on the second weekend in September on the Market Meadows in front of Bonn-Pützchen. Around 550 businesses and fairground amusements covering an area of approximately 80,000 square metres ensure undiluted fun, action and plenty of thrills.  There is something for everyone, from steep, dizzying roller coasters to spine-chilling haunted houses. Numerous takeaways, bars and confectionery stalls mean you will not go hungry. The grand finale is an enormous firework display. The annual fair with a rich tradition dates back to 1367 and has mainly been held on the Market Meadows of Pützchen since the start of the 18th century.


Rheinauen flea market

On the former Bundesgartenschaugelände takes place one of the largest and most beautiful flea markets in the region. In the large Rheinaue private traders and visitors find a wide variety of junk and antique pieces.


Rheinaue Bonn



Rheinbach Classics


July 20th - 22nd 2018

Every year the Rheinbach Classics are held in Rheinbach, which bring the colourful 1950s back to life with vintage cars, petticoats and rock music.

The vintage cars spend an entire weekend as the focus of attention. But the petticoat competition and rock n'-roll live bands also make this event a highlight for young and old alike. Approximately 130 vintage cars take part in a rally and on the last day the large Autokorso car procession is held with about 300 vehicles taking part!

Alongside this the nostalgic Rheinbach Classics-Markt takes place in the style of the 1950s/60s. Here you can shop to your heart's content and you will find more than just nostalgic items. Anyone who does not yet own a petticoat, is bound to find one here!


RheinBrand Festival

August 25th 2018


The highlight of the summer 2018 in Troisdorf!

From 2:30 pm, many famous kölsch musicians will perform an extra long gig.

 A nice framework program will be provided also for kids: a perfect family day.